Orientation is an important process for yourself and your child. It provides an opportunity for you and our Educators to meet and spend some time together, observing programs and routines.


Our Educators will also discuss and/or run through the following:

  • Our centre philosophy
  • Overview of the programs and activities
  • How each child’s development is documented
  • Parent participation in programs and events
  • Any questions relating to your child’s needs, interests, routines, behaviour, sleep/rest patterns or special requirements
  • How parents can assist in the transition into the servcie, such as telling your child you are leaving, but that you will return.

A child’s first introduction to childcare generally marks their first time away from parents for an extended period. Some children will experience a degree of separation anxiety, therefore our Educators place great importance on working with parents to establish a relationship which is crucial for successful adjustment.

If your child is still having difficulty settling in after some time, please remember that our Educators are here to act as a support and your child comes first.  They will work with you to create a plan in order to ease your child’s transition.